The Rules of Engagement Loyalty in the U.S. and Canada

Mia Kennedy

In an increasingly tough competitive environment, it?s not a reach to say that U.S. and Canadian companies are at war to win their share of customers. In the last decade, most consumer-oriented firms in the U.S. and Canada have made it a priority to sign up as many of their customers as possible in a slew of rewards programs that now count well over two billion memberships. But the truth is that although today?s consumers have become rewards-program members in record numbers, a large portion of them reveal a surprising apathy about those programs and the brands they represent. Why? Consumers say it?s because companies are failing to engage them with relevant and motivating marketing beyond price incentives. In strategic terms, businesses appear to be winning the battle for identifying and targeting their customers, but they are losing the war for customers? hearts and minds.

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