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IFPI Global Music Report 2016 The Global Music Report 2016 outlines the state of the recorded music market worldwide and highlights innovation and investment within the industry as it advances into the digit... Unknown Details
Schott 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males Since Black lives continue to matter to us, this edition of the Schott 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males is intended to again alert the nation to the serious r... Unknown Details

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Wired Churches, Wired Temples Featuring the results of a 1,300 congregation online survey, this report details how churches, temples and other places of religious congregation use the Internet to extend thei... Pew Internet Details
The Holidays Online 2000 Americans take advantage of the Internet while executing their holiday plans?from online shopping, and sending of e-greetings, to travel, party and event planning. Pew Internet Details
More Online, Doing More During the second half of 2000, when much attention was focused on the struggles of dot-com firms, the overall Internet population continued to grow at a healthy clip as women, ... Pew Internet Details
Risky Business: Americans see greed, cluelessness behind dot-coms' comeuppance Most Americans attribute dot-com difficulties to overeager investors looking for quick payoffs and to the poor business plans of dot-com entrepreneurs. Pew Internet Details
The Music Downloading Deluge Between July-August 2000 and February 2001, the number of American adults who have downloaded music online shot up more than 40%. In another recent survey of children, 53% of on... Pew Internet Details
Dot-gov Goes Retail While private-sector dot-coms are staggering under a market slowdown, online sales at the federal government?s Web sites are thriving. In the past year, federal government agenc... Pew Internet Details
Teenage Life Online A detailed look at how children and young adults have incorporated the Internet into their lives, with a focus on family and friend relationships, and fervor with which adolesce... Pew Internet Details
Hispanics and the Internet Hispanics who speak English make up one of the fastest growing minority Internet user groups in the country. These users are enthusiastic daily users of the Web, often looking f... Pew Internet Details
The Internet and Education An overview of how today?s student and parents use the Internet to do research, homework, contact schools and teachers, and also sometimes to cheat. Pew Internet Details
Wired Seniors While 56% of all Americans go online, only 15% of Americans over the age of 65 have access to the Internet. Wealthy and educated seniors are most likely to go online. They are e... Pew Internet Details
How Americans Used the Internet After the Terror Attack The Internet was not a primary resource for news or outreach for most Americans after the terror attacks, but it was a helpful supplement to TV and the telephone and many found ... Pew Internet Details
Online Communities The online world is a vibrant social universe where many Internet users enjoy serious and satisfying contact with online communities. Pew Internet Details
The dot-com meltdown and the Web Some Americans? Internet experiences are beginning to be affected by the dot-com meltdown, but the vast majority of them are making quick adjustments to get the Web content and ... Pew Internet Details
Exposed Online: The federal health privacy regulation and Internet user impacts This report is intended to give a general overview of how the federal health privacy regulation (?HIPAA?) may or may not apply to health Web sites. Pew Internet Details
Cities Online: Urban Development and the Internet This report examines how economic and community development organizations in five cities (Austin, Texas; Cleveland, Ohio; Nashville, Tennessee; Portland, Oregon and Washington, ... Pew Internet Details
CyberFaith: How Americans Pursue Religion Online One in four Internet users has gotten religious or spiritual information online at one point or another. The September 11 terror attacks compelled millions of Internet users to ... Pew Internet Details
Holidays Online 2001 Online Holiday shopping grew this season from the previous, though Internet users also increasingly use the Internet during the holiday season to search for information on trave... Pew Internet Details
Getting Serious Online: As Americans Gain Experience, They Pursue More Serious Activities As Americans gain experience online, they use the Internet more for their jobs, to make more online purchases and carry out other financial transactions, and to write emails wit... Pew Internet Details
Use of the Internet at Major Life Moments Information on the Web is important to significant numbers of Americans when they are making important choices related to education and job training, investments and big-ticket ... Pew Internet Details
The Broadband Difference: How online behavior changes with high-speed Internet connections Those who have home broadband connections use the Internet differently from those who have dial-up connections. Broadband users spend more time online, do more things, and do th... Pew Internet Details
Search Engines 85% of American Internet users have ever used an online search engine to find information on the Web and 29% of Internet users rely on a search engine on a typical day. Only the... Pew Internet Details
Online Job Hunting Fifty-two million Americans have looked online for information about jobs, and more than 4 million do so on a typical day. Pew Internet Details
The Digital Disconnect: The widening gap between Internet-savvy students and their schools A study of Internet savvy middle school and high school students. Based on 14 national, diverse focus groups conducted by the American Institutes for Research, and found that st... Pew Internet Details
College Students and the Web Data provided by comScore Networks detailing the kinds of Web sites that are particularly appealing to college students, and the kinds of sites where a high proportion of shoppe... Pew Internet Details
The Internet Goes to College This is a report of a study of college students? use of the Internet. Most all college students surveyed had used the Internet. The academic and social impacts of their Internet... Pew Internet Details
Digital Town Hall Fully 88% of local elected officials use the Internet in the course of their official duties and many say their online activities have helped them learn more about local public ... Pew Internet Details
Parents Online Parents are more wired than non-parents and they are more enthusiastic about technology than non-parents and more likely to use the Web for health information, for their work or... Pew Internet Details
Email at work Contrary to the popular perception that American workers are buried in email, most workers find their experience with email at work very manageable, and they?re happy with the w... Pew Internet Details
Counting on the Internet: Most find the information they seek, expect Americans expect to find what they are looking for online in news, health care, government information, and shopping. Pew Internet Details
Holidays Online 2002 More than three-quarters of Internet users went online this season for some kind of holiday activity. For many email was vital for planning gatherings or sending greetings. Onli... Pew Internet Details

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