The #1 relationship argument

Stat: #1 relationship argument is over money

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Stat Source: A poll by the University of Denver

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51% percent of single people surveyed say that flattery is the best way to attract some... See Full Stat Info
Single people surveyed say that flattery is the best way to attract someone. See Full Stat Info
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60% of women and 64% of men don't talk about politics on a first date. See Full Stat Info
#1 relationship argument is over money See Full Stat Info
88% of women find money to be very important in a relationship. See Full Stat Info
25% also say to use touching as a way to flirt is very effective, See Full Stat Info
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1 in 8: the chance a women has for a 2nd date if she has not heard from him within 24 h... See Full Stat Info
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50% of New York state adults are unmarried, making it the best state for single people. See Full Stat Info
If you're a man, you have about an hour to make a first impression. See Full Stat Info

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